Monday, 24 October 2011

3 and a 1/2 Weeks ...

So, it was 01.10.2011 when I received the letter from the Salon CEO, letting us know that all manner of wonderment was about to descend upon us.

In spite of talk about communication, none has been apparent thus far. Even the perfunctory "To our readers" button is now gone from my browser (If you can still see it, let me know, please). As too little, too late as it was, it was at least some attempt to make it look like Salon wanted to do the right thing.

In spite of talk of improvements, focus seems to remain on bug-fixing. I am still receiving and reading elsewhere significant volumes of complaints about simple login troubles, access to archives, and intrusive banner ads.

As a general principle, I would hold it a cardinal rule that you never take functionality away from your customers, and especially so you never take away control over their own reading experience. So, for example, restoring access to our own archives counts as a good thing; losing the simple ability to re-order them for convenience is a minor detail, but in the circumstances strikes me as symptomatic; there's just no reason to take such a function away, and many good reasons to maintain it.

I still read the UT comment threads... I still find much of value in them.

But each time I do so I find myself caring less and less about making any comment, or attempting to construct any kind of conversation therein.

The system as it is currently structured lends itself well to the drive-by shooting type of snark and bait, but the addition of threaded replies has actually made the process of holding a conversation more difficult than it was.

I thought early on that perhaps the good people at Salon had never heard of the work of Jakob Nielsen on web usability, or studied any of the theory or history of the art. Now I begin to suspect they studied and deliberately chose to do the exact opposite ... well, not really, but at this point I'd more likely forgive the Salon reader who thought so than I would Salon themselves.

UT comment numbers are slowly recovering, as people adjust to the present system. Then again, the people of the Soviet Union took over 75 years to rise up against their oppressors; in the meantime, they adjusted. The people of the USA, as Glenn writes about regularly, have adjusted to unreasonable search and seizure, to due process-free presidential murders, to grand larceny on an unimaginable scale, and to torture as official policy. Sure, people will adjust to the deficiencies of Salon's techo-gaffery.

But that doesnt validate the idiocy of those gaffes.

Nor answer the more pertinent question: but why should they?


  1. Hi ScuzzaMan,

    I made a comment on the last thread and it when on to electron heaven. I was making a reply on Salon when, I guess, my fingers hit more than one key at a time on the keyboard and the whole comment disappeared as if I had "selected all ---> delete". Ah, modern life.

    I can agree with your post today; but I have been thinking. The number of comments at UT are done some. The quality of the comments is up a lot. There has been a lot less of the normal mud slinging by the usual suspects as they pout about the "reply" feature. That alone makes the whole thing worth it. (not really; just being a little "over the top")

    I suspect that, in the end, the system will be much better than the '90s system that it replaced. I also suspect that management could have made this a far, far easier transition if they had listened to the IT people they had on-board.

  2. salon put conime.exe on my computer. i can prove it. any one posting on salon know the government is reading your whole computer. ScuzzaMan is a man that speaks truth. He has called things as they are since I first read salon. If ScuzzaMan says they are murderers than I believe him, for he has shown himself to be righteous in his generation. A fair minded moral individual seeking truth and justice. If ScuzzaMan says there is a problem then I believe in his integrity. I am compiling the case against salon and will post a solution for salon's cia program conime.exe (have a look in windows system32.)
    james fingleton wild

  3. For Teri you probably wont read this but from nonsense reason comes.
    You asked why, here is an explanation to an unbeliever.

    Conversation History xxxxx xxxxxx 1:18pm Oct 21
    Hi James,

    Random...but are you the same James who was posting about the Rockites Thomas and William Fingleton on If so I am very interested in talking with you as William was my great great great great grandfather and he was NOT hung!!! He somehow escaped to Canada! (at least I am 99% sure of it!) Just wondering if you have any more information. I believe he escaped upon the ship "Town of Ross" which left from Ross to Quebec on March 30, 1831. My William listed his parents as Michael Fingleton and Betsy Mulhall which are the same parents Thomas gives in records from Australia. Hopefully you receive this message! I have been hoping to find someone as interested in this as I am!


    James Fingleton Wild 11:48am Oct 22
    FacebookDear xxxxx xxxxxx,
    I can not express the joy I felt from reading your email. Thank you.
    Yes I am he that you read at
    Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy. William and Thomas Fingleton aka William and Thomas Power Ribbonmen, whiteboys, rockites Irish political rebels. The family tradition says that the Fingletons were tinkers by trade.
    William Fingleton was some man. The news that he was not hung but escaped his captors thrills me. You have the blood of a great rebel (William Fingleton was a leader of the movement and feared no man. He said he would fight on after he was captured by Major Crosby and his 7 divisions sent to get him. A brave loyal true man. I had read that a William Power was sentenced to hang along with a Sharpe. The Fingleton's code name in the rockites was Power. William was captain Power. He escaped that is remarkable. Shapes other brother like my GG grand father Thomas Fingleton (Power) were transported for life to NSW. Thomas got pardoned 1840's on the condition he not return to Ireland. Heartless English.
    I am compiling my material and will sent it as soon as I can.
    Thank you xxxxx and it was not random at all.
    Will write again soon if that is okay.

  4. I can't wait to hear what you have found!!!! I have been waiting for years to find someone else who knows about this. The one person I was working with did not want to believe that my William was the right William. I also was working with a descendant of the Sharpe family... I assume you have seen this page?

    This Sharpe was also transported to Australia along with Thomas.

    It is always possible that my William is not the same person but I feel in my gut that it is. He was born in about 1810 (making him 3 years older than Thomas) in Queen's County to Michael Fingleton and Elizabeth Mulhall, according to his marriage record. He married Mary Margaret Graham on October 5, 1832 in Perce, Quebec, Canada. They had 8 children (including a daughter named Elizabeth and sons named Michael and Thomas) and he died on July 4, 1856. The date of his marriage and the date of his supposed immigration to Canada seem to coincide.

    Unfortunately his life was not long (life in rural Quebec, especially during winter, was extremely difficult, but he at least lived long enough to have 8 children and many descendants. I really do not have much information about his life in Canada - only church (French Catholic) marriage and death records.

    The only solid evidence I have is Thomas and William's shared parentage - I wish I could find more information. I do know that Maryborough Gaol was rebuilt shortly after the time of William's imprisonment due to escapes.

    I am so proud to have this rebellious revolutionary's blood in my veins! :) My husband and I are very political and disgusted by the world we live in lots of the time - maybe I got it from him.

    Can't wait to speak more and hear more about what you know! I had never heard of the actual sentencing to be hanged so that was cool to hear about.

    Talk to you soon,

    james fingleton wild

  5. Oh, dear James,
    What are you talking about? I am an "unbeliever" in what, exactly? I've always assumed you had ancestors; none of us is born through parthenogenesis. And the above "proves" what, exactly, about what? I never asked for proof of anything. And what do your ancestors have to do with anything I have ever said, or with Salon, or with Salonfugly?
    I really and truly don't understand what you are getting at, nor do I understand why you addressed this to me in particular. Whatever I did that makes you think I have any interest in, or objections to, or desire proof of, you having familial ties, please let me disabuse you of those notions.
    Please stop addressing things to me. All I ever said to you or about you was that you talk too much - that was it. I never asked you to "prove" anything or go into details about anything at all, much less about your family or personal issues. All this other stuff you keep bringing up has nothing to do with me. So please desist.
    Thank you.

  6. googling conime.exe gives a variety of possibilities -- is it a process, a trojan, a spyware ....

    however, fwiw, according to my task manager, I don't have it running on my computer ... as an application, process or service ...

    just thought you should know.

    Norton 360 has run several times since Salon upgrade with no alarms so... though it might have been deleted by Norton, there was notice of any high-grade threat detected.

  7. Hello teri.
    Fighting back. this is from an email I recieved 22 08 2011
    I know xxxxxx who can trace internet activity back to the US
    Department of Defence. The hack who is stalking you is probably a smug
    aresehole who thinks he is beyond control.

    On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 2:11 AM, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
    > xxx thinks that coinme.exe is a simple widespread trojan that records
    > keystrokes. However, conime.exe is a more sophisticated remote access
    > program that has to be deliberately targeted.
    > To be continued ...

    Txx Wxxxxxx I know your number.

    On my Windows XP, conime.exe was simple to remove. It was 22k large but was not protected by a changed security setting. I went to windows then sys32.I deleted it. It did not appear to be active.

    I use vista to blog at salon nothing else. I do my surfing on the XP. It therefore seems too obvious who placed the programme. Conime.exe 68k (though at times the file size can show 0) was placed on my computer by TRUSTED INSTALLER who had full security control. I stopped the application (you cant do anything while it is on, active.)I then edited the security removing trusted installer(cia salon) and granting myself full control. You then can remove conime.

    I posted a couple of comments at salon to see what happens. The first time I logged into salon after removal of the backdoor, my computer's clock was reset to 1 1 2006.
    Please see screenshots at photobucket.

    I downloaded kaspersky and it picked traces but no hit. This was when conime was active and I have never had any remote access with any one. No conime mimicks the MS file and has not been detected by any software. It's there though and I was warned about it sometime ago. Indeed this is the third time I have got it but first time for this computer. james fingleton wild