Sunday, 2 October 2011


For those who stumble over this blog by accident, and/or dont know what the hell this is all about ...

UT = Unclaimed Territory, the hosted blog of Glenn Greenwald, one of the most valuable voices in political commentary today. His intellectual rigor, trademark direct mode of expression, and constant engagement with his readers in the comments section, have drawn many new readers, commentators, and subscribers to the site.

However, there now exists a long drawn-out and painful history of Salon tinkering with the mechanisms that support this conversation, making them less useful, less informative, less reliable, les attractive - i.e. worse - with every change.

The term "SalonFugly" was coined by a regular to describe this ongoing insanity, and hence it seemed appropriate for the name of this blog. (More than happy to provide attribution if anyone knows who deserves it?)

Over this weekend of the 1st & 2nd October, they have almost completely bolloxed the whole thing.

.sig entry field is gone.

Title field - gone.

Comments pages listing links are apparently gone.

Preview - Preview, for fuck's sake! - gone.

Greasemonkey scripts, like that created by long-time users to filter trollspam, no longer work.

The entire exercise is a disaster of monumentally suicidal proportions.

Recall that this is a business that exists entirely online. If it bolloxes its online presence - and that it is doing this is incontrovertibly so at this point - then it is not shooting itself in the foot; it is crawling head-first into the cannon's barrel.


  1. The comments page listing links are back. That's not an improvement; that's just restoration of basic function.

  2. Hey, I see your comment so I should be able to do likewise. No? Here goes.

    I loved your post.

  3. New Google ID to test comments function

  4. Now for another post. Just trying out the thing mind you.

    No preview is huge, that is for sure. But so is not being able to bookmark the page you were on and return there. For one of those 40 page things I'll have to keep a note pad to remember what page to return to!

  5. Say, does anyone know how to do colors at the Salon site?

    How come you have a preview and that big old site Salon does not?


  6. Hey, Scuzza,
    Teri49 here. I don't know where to begin...the disappearing comments, the inability to see where you left off reading the comments' section, the fact that if you want to follow a conversation, you have to search through all the comments to find the original and check for replies, etc., etc. What a mess. But the thing that got me was the idea that you have to log in through some other network. (I am not going to PAY to write comments - don't those fucks make cash every time I click on an article to read it?)
    I don't know anything about computers, so the following may mean nothing - maybe you can tell me. I decided to try logging in using my g-mail (google) account. I've never used facebook and won't. (Don't need to explain that, do I?) So I started the process, but got worried immediately when they asked for my gmail account name and password. I decided to forge ahead, though, entered the info, and ended up at a box where there was some disclaimer from google available. Clicked on that and saw that google was not guaranteeing my information could be protected in all cases. Blah, blah, blah. It concerned me, however, and I decided to exit out of that log-in method. So I used the "decline" or "stop process" (or whatever the button said) and got out of the entire log-in procedure. Now here's the strange (to me) part: the next time I went to my g-mail account, about 15 minutes later, it was already open to the inbox; I did not have to sign in. NOT the way I left it - I always sign out, since other people in this house use this computer.
    Perhaps this means nothing. I haven't a clue. But it leaves me uneasy and I have decided I just won't be leaving comments on salon. Hell, I can barely stand reading the comment section the way it is.
    Is salon still considered a "progressive" site? What's progressive about paying to comment or giving up anonymity?
    Guess I'll 'see' you around, Scuzza. Peace, love, and all good things, miho.

  7. The man that coined the term "Salon Fugly" was none other than Little Brother. A friend that finally left the letter section once he saw that Glenn prohibits free speech concerning 9/11 truth. (I stayed despite that glaring instance of censorship but this new Salon format has sealed the deal. I'm done over there for good. I sure wish Glenn gets his own blog soon.

  8. Well, crap, Scuzza,
    I wrote a comment here an hour or two back and it said it was published. It is not. I am being shunned by the entire internet universe.
    The gist of it is that I won't be doing the PAY TO COMMENT thing (what the hell is that? They make money off ads, right?) nor will I give up my gmail name and password just to log in on salon.
    So I wish y'all peace and assorted fine things.

  9. I think one can make up a new Google e-mail account without it being connected to your ID. One could even take a portable to a wifi hotspot at a coffee shop and do if from there to avoid even the IP thing.

    Then log on to Salon.

  10. No letters archive either, except by Salon subscription, and even then, the letters aren't accessible to other (non-subscriber) readers. $45 and for what? Diminished access.

  11. I also posted something that said it went through and didn't. Teri, you and I must be the black hole to which all good posts go...

  12. Teri and MM, you can create a gmail account using any name you choose and use that to log in. It's not difficult to do. We would hate to lose you both.

    I think the lack of access to archives is probably just part of the clusterfuck and not something that will be dependent on whether or not you pony up a subscription fee, but I'm not sure of that.


  13. Hi, Pedinska, I do have a gg account and am trying to use that, and have an old FB page I've meant to kill, and I still cannot get on. It is just surreal. I keep getting mangled versions of my name (which I'm happy to ditch)and then it just sends me back to signing up for a Core account (which seems an utterly transparent effort to make me get that). I've gotten on two or three times, after dozens of attempts, but I think my original post is gone. It's just too weird.

    Beyond getting on, I just cannot follow the threads anymore. I see it as a metaphor for our times. Munch's "Scream" meets Ginsberg's "Howl" somewhere on a dark and stormy night. Voices cut off, messages lost, the desperate cries in the political's exactly what is happening in real time.

  14. Also, can I just say how staggering I find it that there has been no real apology or even acknowledgment from Salon's editors in Chief about this mess?

  15. I've been able to get on the new UT, but at the cost of 1. having to link from Facebook and 2. not having access to past or even post-10/1 comments.

    "Salon FUBAR" would have been an apt name, too.