Monday, 10 October 2011

Disappearing Comments

I've had some complaints of disappearing comments here.

I find this less than credible for a couple of reasons:

1. Glenn made the observation that it was somewhat ironic this happened to 2 of his 3 intended comments, but once I discovered the spam trap and published the comments trapped there, all the comments he says that he made were immediately visible.

There were also a number of comments from Morning's Minion, who had also noted the same problem.

I am still not sure what criteria Google uses to decide your comment is spam, but they are the kings of the sneaky algorithm so I guess I'm just grateful they stick the stuff in a folder I can rescue it from, rather than junking it.

In sum, the error was mine, and has been rectified.

2. Google owns and has some millions of blogs hosted here. If there were a problem of disappearing comments then as-yet-undiscovered tribes in the heart of the Peruvian jungles would know about it by now.

There just isn't.

However, it remains barely within the realms of possibility that my blog is the only one of all of those that is having such a problem and so I ask you to let me know if you suspect this is happening to your comments.

You can use twitter (@ScuzzaMan) or Gmail (

The management would like to apologise for any temporary inconvenience our experiments with thermonuclear land-clearing may have caused you.

"Share & Enjoy!"


  1. Scuzza,

    There is no problem now and I have used blogspot long enough to know there is no real problem. Some folks are upset right now and folks who are upset do make mistakes and sometimes blame other things for those mistakes. I suppose everyone does.

    This is a great off-Salon site to have as a back-up for a host of reasons. Thanks.

    By the way; I am still waiting for the Salon CEO to write that open letter to Salon customers. Should be any day now.

    (and I do like the "reply" feature more and more -- but it needs something)

    -- H

  2. I had my first comment here disappear, but I quickly figured out why, and then made the necessary changes to how I post.

  3. Many posts dissappeared. My post dissappeared. Posts that I replied to diaappeared. Sometimes my replies appeared as stand alone comments. Then these too disappeared. Posts have dissappeared. Where did the orginal posts of Awlaki go? They never came back.
    Since signing into Salon with Facebook my vista (doesn't work now all drivers dissappearing} has had 12,000 security audit failures. thats a lot.
    the email account associated with the sign in hotmail did not work for three days because it said I had exceeded my password attempt limit.
    I have been able to get into my account for the last three days.
    Yes I have emails from lulsec anons and various variations of anon. I have emails from wikileaks and manning supporters. That is no crime. They fight the system their way and they seem content to allow me to be me.
    Salon is in bed with the government.
    It later than you think. A wrench once meant a trick. This aint no party this aint no disco.
    the girl in the window is wearing a poka dot dress.

  4. That should read 'I havent been able to get into my email account in the last three days'. Control and censorship all at the click of a button.
    Salon is the enemy. Death to America. Hmm who should I email for help, if I could? Who knows Salon may become a target for social conscious hackers. Hmmm Salon off the air.
    james fingleton wild

  5. this one says it all about $20 prayers.
    Game over America.
    You know its me.

  6. Corporate Salon will love its contributers if they puchase Core membership. Love for sale, love and money all mixed up. Glenn's up to his neck in corporate meetings. He knows whats going on but his silence is support for a professional Salon. Serve truth or corporations you cant serve both. Poor Glenn, money or morality. A magic christian.

    From someone not associated with any subversive mothers (They emailed me). Sorry to drone on.

  7. like asking a junkie to rat out his heroin dealer to most of you hero worshipping man cultist, Glenn is the man and is infalliable.
    The man is now the Man.
    Who are you going to believe. Heru the double aqent?
    You have been played salonistas. You've been had. All the sycophants, (But I love you more Glenn) the reality is Glenn is now a professional and he is acting out. Scruples for Glenn is cheering bin Laden's death. Scruples for Glenn is due process for all except bin ladin. Ethics for Glenn is broad acceptance of Bush's claim to blame bin Ladin for 9/11. The facts are ignored and the government line is supported by Greenwald. Glenn the hypocrite. No 9/11 talk, who's side is Glenn on. It's easy to see now.

  8. Ok there is an email from me to AnonsOps about hacking Murdoch but as can be seen from the emails Anons declined my suggestion at the time. That they latter did what I requested was due to the relevation that News of the World had hacked others. Anons then felt justified in hacking Murdoch. That can not be a crime. I was just ahead of the game.
    Death to America. Days that your email account have been hacked are unlike any other days. Salon is to blame. Death to Salon they have made my list.

  9. Well, I can not log in to post at Salon. I guess many might think that an improvement!


    I did see in the midst of the mess that they want a new privacy policy singed to log in. That should cause a comment or two! (if anyone else can log in that is)

  10. Well, now I can't read the comments attached to Glenn's articles at all. On one article, I get to read page one and can't go further, on another, they won't load at all. The bottom of my screen gets stuck on "connected to" and stays there, doing nothing. I cleared the cookies (which at least let the Greenwald page load - it wouldn't even load before, no 404 message or anything, just a blank white page), not sure what else I can do.
    Anyone else having this problem?
    Any suggestions?

  11. Okay, I just wrote you a comment, Scuzza. It said it was published, and appeared as a published one for a minute. Now it is gone.
    Question is: I can't read the comments on Glenn's articles. I cleared the cookies, which let Glenn's page load - it wouldn't before; no 404 message or anything, just a blank white page. Now I can read page one of comments attached to one article, but can't move beyond that, and the comments on other articles won't load at all.
    Bar at lower left corner of my computer gets stuck at "connected" and nothing happens.
    Any suggestions, anyone?

  12. I got logged on this am somehow; and now if I attempt to post it lets me type in the little box but nothing happens when I try to post it.

    More fun at Salon.

    Can anyone else post anything?

  13. heru:
    I'm getting the same red letters message about 'sorry, you must agree to the privacy policy. Log out and log in again'. But logging out and logging back in doesn't change the message, still can't post a comment. The last comment on Glenn's last post is timestamped at 10:30 last night, which makes me think that many are experiencing the same technical difficulty.

  14. Kitt

    Thanks for the reply and info.

    I did somehow get logged back on and made a reply. Unfortunately I can not really tell you how to do it.

    I cut ghosterly off and hit the Google thingy and it wanted a password; I gave it and then it wanted agreement on the privacy thingy and I agreed. Now I made one comment. I am kind of afraid to log out! I don't know if I can log back on!

    But I have to know so I am going to log out. But then I will have no more time for this till late today.

  15. I saw your post to me at Salon. I still can't post. I don't know what the problem is so I'll just have to wait and see. I've read that others are having the same problem.

  16. for reasons unknown, I had to re-log in this morning ... then could not enter the comment box and my name was missing ... I then refreshed (upper tool bar type) and my name appeared and I had entry.

  17. Kitt

    Bad day all around. I posted to you here but that comment is gone!


    That must have made my comment to you at Salon seem weird.

    Anyway, I said "thank you" for the post to me this am and that I would try to log off and back on as Salon.

    I hope you see this one.

  18. My account there now is via google. Even when I try to log back in, and the google window quickly flashes 'Thank you, you are connected to your account. This window will close', Nothing changes, even if I refresh from toolbar. At the top of Salon it still requests 'register' or says 'login' rather than showing my name as logged in. If I click on my favorites box on my computer for Greenwald, my account name is at the top of Salon indicating that I'm logged in, which is how it has always been unless I've logged out. But when trying to post I get that same 'sorry...' message.
    This all started last night for no reason known to me so I don't know how to change it or break the log jam.

  19. Heru,
    I saw your comment explaining the lost comment, thanks.

    I'll check back into Salon later this afternoon. Maybe magic tricks will be performed there, or, gee, maybe they'll reply to my email explaining what I might be doing wrong or something.

  20. Kitt

    Maybe if you try to log out of Salon. Then clear your browser's cache. Then try to log on?

    Perhaps? Good luck. I wish I had more to tell you.

    This crap is getting old now. That CEO really, really needs to write that open letter!

  21. Kitt,

    I'm unfamiliar with a Google log in. I wish I could remember more clearly the process I went through this morning as SalonCore. I remember seeing the same red alert. I remember logging out. I remember logging back in. After entering my user name, password, and clicking "submit," I was greeted with a pop up screen announcing the requirement that I read and agree to the new privacy and terms of service agreements. After opening each of them from the embedded links, and realizing it'd take an hour to read them, I went back to the pop up screen and just clicked "Agree" to complete the comment I'd wanted to submit.

    I think Heru-ur has the best suggestion, although I'd probably extend it a bit. Log out. Clear your cache. Close your browser. Reboot the computer. Bring the browser back up. Check to see if you allow pop ups (I didn't and don't but that screen opened anyway.) And, try logging in again.

    If that fails... I'd try contacting Salon to see if their system is gliched, or just overwhelmed as they try to take every single user through the same sequence.

    ~ bystander

  22. Kitt

    There are some suggestions on the latest Greenwald thread around page 5. (that could change because of the "reply" feature as you know)

  23. Dear Scuzza,
    Why are my comments here disappearing? I wrote one this a.m. regarding not being able to read the comments at UT. "Your comment is published." Yeah, for about ten seconds. Poof, gone. Re-wrote it, very brief, just wondering if anyone else is having this problem - "Your comment is published." I saw that it was, but it disappeared in front of my (wondering) eyes. Neither has been seen again.
    Just sayin'. And I am now more curious about how the IT team at salon stays employed there than I am about my disappearing comments here. Although both are puzzlers.

  24. teri49 -- afaict, it's in "is this spam????" limbo and Scuzza will set it free eventually ....

  25. Yep. Like I said, I'm not sure why Google's magic spam algorithm hides some stuff and leaves others alone. I'd love to know, but they'd probably have to kill me afterward ...

    So, when I get home from work and I get a few minutes, I check the spam trap and set whatever I find there free ...

    I believe you will now see your comments in all their unfettered glory.

    Please let me know if you dont.

  26. I was able to post a test comment this afternoon without doing anything different than what I had been doing before this latest 'agree to the privacy' thing. So I guess it was Salon again screwing up rather than anything that I did or didn't do.

    Thanks Heru and Bystander for the suggestions and help.