Thursday, 6 October 2011

Organise, organise, organise

Well, it's coming up to a week since this madness began.

Still there's been no acknowledgement from that there even is a problem, let alone what an unmitigated disaster this thing has become.

I fully expect a virtual "yes, mistakes were made" at some point, basically a meaningless statement of mild regret at any inconvenience, allied to a complete disregard of the substance of our complaints, and a persistently brazen happy happy joy joy let's look forward not back rousing speechifying to cap it all off.

I encourage all of you to become a member here. The only thing that is going to make any impression on these people is numbers. Right now there's just me and ... well, my shadow.

As voluminous as that is, is wont cut it.

This site needs members or it becomes just my lone voice crying in the wilderness.

I promise you, the members function here actually works.

On a positive note - sort of - we saw the first overt signs of discontent from Glenn Greenwald in his comments today. That's encouraging.

I fully realise that the tendency will be for people to adjust, and for the boiling rage to become simmering discontent ... so dont forget to stoke things up every now and again.

Remind yourself that there are free solutions that work better than what we've been asked to pay for, that dont sell your privacy to the highest bidder, and dont insult your intelligence or condescend to you in marketing wonk dissembler-speak.

Remind yourself that you're mad as hell.


  1. Well, I very calmly attempted to log in using my old password, connected to my g-mail account and ... it let me ... although it was not clear what "it" was doing .... I got a "closing window" window for a looong time ... which I did.not.close but went and did other things on other tablets, and when I went back I discovered I was logged in. I suspect the 'new system' may have rejected many peoples' password ...

    I remain very uncomfortable about having keep G-mail open and so will not do so ... have not posted yet ... and will probably wait a bit ... (my personal life is utter chaos at the moment and my free-floating hostility is high and my ability to concentrate is tattered) ... and it appears we may be about to get our first snow (which is late for us) ...

    oh joy.

    WRT Salon -- I also have gotten almost impossible to move or close ads for MAD magazine and have had a couple auto-launch video ads today for the first time since the "re-do" ... both being, imho, self-defeatingly user-unfriendly... and I hoped were gone for good.

    nuf ... back to work

  2. very strange ... to me anyway ... I logged out of g-mail and went back to Salon and my name was now absent in the upper right hand Welcome place ... but when I went into an article, I was still "logged in" to comment ... which I did... half-expecting it would stall and tell me I must be logged in .. but it worked fine.

  3. Sorry for serial posts but I think that a Salon Fugly sort of meta forum may be important in the days ahead ... not just in dealing with the "re-launch".

    I'm getting very bad vibes wrt how aggressively various players are already "jostling for position" ... my mailbox is overflowing and there are a lot of "new" yet poorly defined players.

    I think the rather wish-washy support of Wikileaks served as a sort of litmus test over the last year or so ... I will be glad if the rest of Salon (besides GG and others individually) decides to "man up" and declare which side they are on ...

    Move-On, imnsho, failed fairly spectacularly to live up to it's much proclaimed "potential"

    I was thinking this afternoon about the next Presidential Nominating Conventions and just how ugly -- in so many different ways -- those are likely to be.

    In my small town, a couple of years ago, there suddenly appeared a second weekly newspaper with free advertising for all the local businesses ... it was much more fun and colorful than our long time paper (which has suffered badly from inconsistent quality and professionalism since being sold/bought about 10 years ago) ...

    Anywho, turned out this was all part of an attempt by a very politically ambitious landowner with very ambitious plans to turn the area into more of a "destination" ... when he lost the election, the newspaper vanished ... folks up here are still pissed off over by our shovel-ready Obama infrastructure brand new sidewalks, the major resigned last month due to outrageous public and private bullying by a sub-sector (tea party conservatives) of the no-growth majority ...

    The Democratic party is likely to be at least as desperate and dishonest as the Republicans (who may come to realize the cat-bird seat of NOT owning the White House when the country is this far into the toilet ....)

    Case in point, Joan/Glenn's little twitter exchange of today wrt the OWS sign.

  4. I think it is important to have this resource also Susan.

    I trust ScuzzaMan to be honest and fair. This site is a free one and is not a money maker. It can just sit here till needed or be used all the time.

    When Glenn gets on a post deletion jag; I will post some deleted ones for discussion. Others can do the same.

    BUT, more importantly, where does one go to talk "to the community" if Salon goes belly up or they fire Greenwald?

    A back up plan is nice.

    Thanks to ScuzzaMan!

  5. Joan's -- to me at least -- suggestion that OWS should be at least appreciative (if not grateful) for Union and MoveOn support, while not surprising considering the source, was telling ... I suspect that all the liberal establishment is hoping "the kids blow off some steam" but will remember "who their daddy is" come election day... to not recognize the co-option implicit in ACCEPTING such endorsement ...

    Thank you Mrs. Cleaver, such a nice dress, is it new Mrs. Cleaver? said Eddie Haskell.

    They are going to once again attempt to herd cats.... but they're not in the "here and now"... 'cause they've got that eye on the prize.

    Melissa Harris Perry's attacks, first of Cornell West for speaking his mind, then of "white liberals abandoning Obama", and then of Joan Walsh -- all seemed both too forceful and simplistic and dismissive -- and surprising coming from someone I would generally consider very intelligent and thoughtful.

    As I suggested before, if the Republicans are smart, they may "throw the election" (again) and let the Democrats fail at their feeble attempt to clean the stables...

    I agree completely, however, that the wheels are falling off the cart ... and simply remaining housed, clothed, fed and kept warm may divert much attention.

    Trying to figure out if I can make Occupy Denver tomorrow ... need to work, need the money badly ...

  6. Morning's Minion, here...

    And I am in the exact opposite situation. After having it work briefly, inexplicably, fine last night, I'm back to not being able to log on, no matter what I do. I should not have joked about leaving my lap top up forever; that's what I should have done.

    Here is the "help" I have received after contacting the help desk more than twelve times. Are you ready? Giving me my name and password. What the royal ???. Hello, the issue is that my name and password don't work! Honesty, do not tempt me to share what I think when I see the "Tell us what you think!" tab. It is not remotely printable.

    Is everyone else truly able to just log on? What kind of bug would this be that would allow some to get on and others not to? There seems to be no rhyme or reason to any of it. It doesn't seem to matter the length of tenure there, name, or whether one had a star or not.

    What I really cannot stand is that there has been no public acknowledgement that there is a royal screw-up, no ownership of the problem, and no apologies. This is not how one runs a successful business.

    Thanks, again, to ScuzzaMan for giving us some place to vent. I do have a post I was going to put up and I'll try here. Thanks.

    heru where is that tip? If it helps: the one version that has worked is when my name comes up with a percentage symbol in the middle of it: as in Morning's%27Minion. At any other time that would look so wrong, but it's a sign of this hellish mess that that works, but only some times. The only other clue is that my name appears in blue ink rather than black. God this sounds like the babbling of a mad woman, but there it is. Any tips would be most welcome, though I'm close to tossing in the towel.

  7. Actually, Scuzza. The other day I did try to post and couldn't (maybe the damn Salon bug has infected other sites) and I was a member, and my tab disappeared. Lord, I'm like a sinkhole. Sorry!

  8. morning's minion7 October 2011 at 21:34

    Scuzza, would you please post what Glenn actually said? I don't want to give Salon clicks until and if my password ever works. It's the one tiny protest I can make.

    I'm relieved to hear this because I was disturbed by his comment the other day, which seemed to be entirely too sanguine with the state of things...

  9. FWIW -- I just signed out and then signed in using my google g-mail account (the sign in for which appeared automatically -- stored cookie obvious -- which prompted both my account name and -- surprisingly to me, my G-mail password) ... I then clicked on a random letters page and I was ready to roll.

    must go cath bus ... after I log out of G-mail (to which I was again logged into ... which I discovered I DO NOT have to be logged into to post on Salon)

    I know, not really helpful ... sorry.

  10. Morning's Minion - did you know that there's someone else on Salon using your screen name without a space between the two words? I wonder if that has anything to do with the problems you're having.

  11. To be exact: MorningsMinion is how this person posts.

  12. But that is mine, I think. I was able to post last night, briefly. That's one of the problems. It comes up shmooshed together, it comes up with a percentage sign, it comes up with a different percentage sign. This is driving me crazy.-- MM

  13. Avelna, does it sound like my posts? If not, if there is a sample handy, could you possibly post it here, so I could check. If I can ever get in touch with someone at Salon, this might help. Many thanks. -- MM

  14. Morning's Minion - it definitely doesn't sound like you:
    @spotster: well goody for you

    You can live in a very rural area, certainly. I have family in the most remote parts of my state; it’s as rural as anything around Felisa Roger’s cabin. But they have JOBS. Some have INHERITED WEALTH. Some have family farms and have never had to work outside in “the business world”, nor worry about money.

    There certainly are “jobs” in rural areas for farmers and ranchers, large animal vets, feedstore operators, and so forth. But obviously thats NOT anything Felisa could or would do for a living.

    A handful of people can do work — usually stuff like writing, or blogs, maybe computer programming — from a remote location, but first you usually have to be well-established in your field.

    I guess it is likely Felisa hopes this Salon gig — she was one of the VERY few lucky Open Salon bloggers to get an actual writing deal in the magazine out of that — will spin out into a book deal, sort of ala “The Pioneer Woman”. Of course, the real Pioneer Woman had an advantage in starting out, as she was very wealthy to begin with — not starving with a bare cupboard.


    Yeah, that’s what everyone needs, dear — to become a habitual drug user, and to LIE about a fake medical condition to get a phony medical marijuana card.

    Not everyone is a pothead and SSDI abuser like you. Just sayin’.

  15. In fact here is the URL to that poster's archive:

  16. That is definitely not me. I wonder if it's laurel62 who has a vendetta against me, and who has a habit of taking poster's names (the way Zorkna does) and twisting them. She did that to several people who post on other writers' articles at Salon. And she's had it in for Felisa's blog from the start. That little witch...I bet anything it's her.

    Was this recent? I'll try to find it.

    So very helpful, avelna; this really may be part of what's going on.

  17. I really hope that solves the problem. Near as I can tell the apostrophe is missing in the name but other than that it appears to be the same.

  18. It doesn't solve it. And I've now written yet again, with no help whatsoever from a living human being at Salon.


    Thanks so much for the tip. BTW, it is that sad pathetic being, Laurel. The good news is that others recognized her immediately.

    Nonetheless. I still cannot sign up for an account, have even tried Core (against all better judgment). This is just supremely screwed up. --MM

  19. ScuzzaMan you are doing us all an immense favour and I for one appreciate all your effort and hard work. Hope everything works out for all you good people in your personal life. I believe in Karma and since you all seek truth and justice I'm sure you all will again have a day in the sun.
    I am a very suspicious person. I trust very few actions to occur randomly. This salon problem strikes me as a serious security issue. I am of the view my computer has been scrutinized. Does anyone have a program called coinme.exe or conime.exe in their computer?. Have you large programs or files in Windows temp folder (those using pc)?
    My computer locks up now, blue screens and black screens. It's like somebody is walking around inside my computer. I am all out of tin foil and due to my PTSD I'm back to sleeping fitfully every three days or so. I hate insomnia it leaves me so tired, confused and muddled. It makes me frustrated and short tempered.
    This endless game of patience with Salon is agitating. They may have keep some cards up their sleeves. This week of weak Salon response, to some of it's and the world's best bloggers seems contemptuous and provocative.
    HBGary wanted to silence Mr Greenwald. Maybe step one is divide and conquer his UT. Where did all the comments go?
    If I were Glenn I'd be openly explaining in a full and frank way what is happening and apologizing to all and sundry. Confusion reigns and Glenn does not appear to be driving his bus to the destination promised.

  20. MM - were you able to talk to a real person about the other MM? I'm wondering if she didn't manage to log on after the changeover before you did and therefore ended up somehow prioritized with Salon then burying your information. I don't know - I'm about as far from technically savvy as a person can get. I'm really sorry you're having to go through this and you might consider complaining to the Better Business Bureau or whatever the equivalent might be for an outfit like Salon. Your insights and contributions will be sorely missed there.

  21. avelna, thanks so much for your help. It sounds weird, but it really really made a difference to me hearing a friendly familiar "voice." Like JFW, this has been oddly unbalancing for me.

    The double whammy of the execution of Troy Davis and then Awlaki has left me profoundly shaken, shaken really in a way I can't quite recall in my adult life.

    Helen mentioned this is a post, too, but I honestly felt viscerally undone when I opened Salon and read about Awlaki's murder. I was sitting among busy co-workers going about the business of educating children, and there was something surreally jarring about having half a mind and eye on teaching and the other half struggling to accommodate the notion that I'm nurturing children who will be launched into a world growing appreciably more malevolent and malign each day.

    To suddenly lose access to the one place I go where I feel like I'm heard and can speak of these things really upset me.

    I'm struggling to imagine how a major corporation can unleash something so profoundly flawed, and it does raise the kinds of serious questions JFW (one of my favorite posters, too) raised.

    Clicking a button that allowed "third parties access" to my account was a bitter pill to swallow, but I did it only because it allowed me access to the one party, I do care about. UT.

    So many thanks for taking time in a busy day to extend a helping hand. -- Morning's Minion

  22. I'm still sore about the loss of the old archive, and the fact that we can't find our comments now except by scrolling through endless threads. Most sites that have nested (or reply-to) threads at least will index your comments and show if they've been replied to.

  23. I posted a comment a half hour or so ago but I don't know if it took or not. I'm posting this just to see if I'm really here or not.

  24. I see now that my first comment didn't post. It was an expression of my disgruntlement with the Salon fubar.

    I've read a few comments here where some have expressed that they don't think Glenn cares enough about the fubar to really do something about it. I emailed him about it, and in his rapid reply he gave me the impression that he does care enough and that he will act on it.

    Whether or not Salon cares enough or at all is another question.