Monday, 3 October 2011

SalonFugly Naming Rights

I've been informed that the proper attribution for the SalonFugly term goes to Little Brother, a former UT regular who quit commenting there some months ago.

If anyone has contact with him, I'd love to hear from him.

The basic intention of this blog is to collect sufficient paying - now also known as "Salon Core Member" - and formerly-paying customers of Salon to exercise some suasion over the process of these downgrades to the site.

Naturally, I have somewhat more affection for the UT commentariat than for those who visit Salon to read the Carey Tennis bits or investigate the mating rituals of the west coast metrosexual, but since every Salon customer/browser is suffering from the same affliction, my view is "the more, the better".

Like Robin Williams once said:

"Come on down! Bring the kids; get a grenade. Come on Down!"

Still very keen to hear from readers with ideas and suggestions.


  1. I'm glad you started this blog, Scuzzaman. I agree with Teri49 and Iraq Vet: this will not stand. Unless GG informs his readers who is now "aggressively monitoring his comment section" (and I think we all know who that is, which is intolerable) and provides a method for his commenters to post without going through Google and Facebook, there is no reason to continue to read his blog or comment there. The smell of GG's faux disingenuousness--"Gee, does Google track people?"--is like a putrid odor in the air. It's not the glitches nor the ludicrous ineptness that irk--so I don't know why his commenters are trying to teach each other how to navigate the new set up. It's the betrayal. It's what lastnamechosen said: "There are some things you can sell that you can't buy back with money."

  2. ScuzzaMan, thanks a million for providing this space, since for many of us, we've literally been silenced. My entire archive disappeared and I cannot log on, after dozens of attempts. Every time I try, I get kicked back to a "Core" member page. This is the most unprofessional ridiculous "roll-out" I've ever seen. Four straight days of not working? Who is in charge? I cannot even log on to lodge a complaint. How telling...

    I'm struggling not to be too cynical but seriously? Is this the most transparent effort ever to make us become "Core" members? If so, it has ticked me off to the point of turning me off the whole shebang. And ironically, I was in the act (literally had credit card in hand) of becoming a premium member the morning that they rolled this out. Will now wait and see. The thread is a joke; you cannot follow a single exchange in any logical way, and since the old system had titles where someone addressed another by name, I'm even having difficulty figuring out who is the poster and to whom they are responding. Hate every part of it.

    Again, thanks for providing this space. Just stumbled across your post and found this little "way station" on the non-stop journey to Salonfugly .
    Also miss Little Brother tremendously. Maybe he'll stumble in here, too.

  3. Here is something I attempted to post the first day, but it got deleted:

    Dear Salon,
    Last night I went to bed after watching Lehr and Washington Week in Review vowing to wake up and buy a Salon Premium account. Comparing Glenn Greenwald's coverage of Awlaki's murder to the MSM's putatively liberal coverage of this outrageous crime, brought home to me how much I value and need Greenwald's work. His blog has provided a rare and necessary space for those of us who have been labeled "crazy," "fascists," "Libtards," "traitors," "terrorist abettors, " "terrorists," "bad Americans" etc. to have a voice.
    As the crimes pile up at the White House door to the cheers of a debased republic, some of us need this space to be reminded that there is a mindful resistance. Increasingly, I come here to confirm that there are others who care as passionately as I do about the decline and fall of this nation, and who want to troubleshoot and brainstorm real solutions; that interaction affirms my sanity. You cannot put a value on that, but last night, I realized that I had not been valuing it enough; hence the desire to put a star next to my name.

    Imagine my astonishment in awaking to discover this new "system," one that in many serious ways echoes the very things those of us who come to Salon revile. Exactly how much money are Google and FaceBook making when we have to go through those portals, every single time we wish to post? Did it occur to you that there are people who do not have those connections, some for profound reasons? What has happened to the nearly 1000 posts (at 11:30 last night it had hit 936+) entered yesterday? Who is redacting letters and on what grounds? How in the world can a site that purports to stand for democratic and "populist" (your own editor invoked that word two days ago) principles feel comfortable banning some posters? I am an adult. If I am offended by a post, I am perfectly capable of scrolling by it.

    The one thing that Salon had going for it that distinguished it from other political blogs was that it was not engaging in this questionable practice (with a few notable exceptions). As someone who has screamed the proverbial "bloody murder" over the real and tragically bloody efforts to silence those with whom we disagree or perceive as a threat-- usually at the end of a drone or gun -- I take profound exception to this practice. From what I understand (never visited it) Red State and other conservative sites routinely ban posters who express liberal viewpoints. Why would I want to come to a site that practices the same problematic attempts to control the discourse?

    In other words, what I am saying is that problems that seem purely functional and technological are echoing the very underlying issues that are harming our democracy. Microcosm meet macrocosm.

    I understand that some of these issues are purely glitches (and I will be patient for a day or two as they are worked out) but others speak to a profound, puzzling and paradoxical entanglement with the forces I most decry: censorship, corporate control, and the attempts to limit and control the political narrative.

    Please consider addressing these issues. I still want to put a star next to my name, but I cannot even begin to navigate this new galaxy. Until that changes, I'll remain a dark one.

  4. Minion,

    Would you post a place where I might send some instructions about how to deal with Salon?

    I am Horus/Heru/Joseph so you might want to be careful; but we both have the same problem as to needing to remain anonymous.

    Or, if you see this and respond here I'll mention some ideas here. Your choice.

  5. Heru - PLEASE post them here as well!

  6. Heru, thanks so much. I'd appreciate any help. I've tried to make two new accounts through gmail, and they don't work. I'm done.

  7. Hi there folks.

    First, go to sign up for a new email with some name that you like. I think it should be very close to your screen name you want at

    Say like

    Then go to salon and register. Pay attention and they will ask if you want to link to an old account that you know the name and password to --- but I would just as soon start over at this point unless you are a "core member" and want to show off your archive.

    DO NOT TELL gmail any other e-mail you have and they will not know who you are and so Salon will not know who you are.

    Is it fool proof? No, fools are very ingenious!

    Nothing is perfect but this method will be more private than Salon was before the change!