Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Spread The Word ...

Already the regular UT commentariat is talking about setting up alternate sites and boycotting Salon unless/until circumstances improve.

I have no objection to that, whatsoever.

Indeed, I would be a highly enthusiastic supporter of and participant in such an effort.

I would ask that before we get to that point, we use this blog to organise ourselves.

Please do use the comment section, use the Members function, use the space for the purpose for which I created it.

For the Murder President and the Salon Management both, here's a hit with you in mind:

Bring down the government, bring it to its heel
sure it a hoot when they prosecute you for doing what you feel.
Bring down the government, bring it to its knees,
if you want your rights you're gonna have to fight,
so bring down the government please.

Bring down the government, bring it down for fun
God only knows they've had their time, it's about time it was done.
So bring down the government, get them on the run,
we'll bake their heads to ginger bread,
and eat them one by one.

Bring down the government, do it now for love,
do it for your mother and sister too and do it for God above.
So roll on my brothers we can find out how,
to walk hand in hand to the promised land,
if we bring down the government now.
Bring down the government now.

-Lindisfarne, Dingly Dell [1972]

Helen, if you're out there, you're very welcome to become a contributing editor here. Let's not fracture our efforts any more than necessary, eh?


  1. Scuzzman!

    Just saw this blog thanks to coram. Sorry I missed your invitation. About to participate in general assembly of Oct 2011 movemnt here in DC, but will be back to Pittsburgh and computer on Sat night. My thumbs not so fast on my phone!