Thursday, 13 October 2011

Well, It's Thursday ...

... tomorrow it will be two weeks since this debacle began.

Still no communication from the Chief Executive Officer to his customers.

Still no communication from the Editor to her readers.

But, there is this snippet lurking under a "To our readers" button on the banner frame:

A message to our readers:

We know, we know! Recently Salon readers have been experiencing some technical difficulties as they click their way through our site. At the beginning of the month, Salon completed a long-planned migration to a new WordPress-based publishing platform. While this switchover from our antiquated system has streamlined Salon's operations in many exciting ways, it has also resulted in some short-term bugginess here and there, which we're working hard to correct.

Readers have been having problems with the comments section and with various RSS feeds. And yes, then there are the ads that appear where they should not. We're in the process of squishing these bugs as quickly as possible. But your feedback continues to be the best source for identifying the remaining issues. So thank you for your patience and for continuing to point out problems.
It could be from the Editor, or the CEO, but it's not signed, so I guess the plural means it might be from both?

I'm not exactly thrilled by the thing, by its tone or its content, or the implications thereof, but I am somewhat pleased that it actually exists.

The cynic in me says that it exists only to blunt the complaint that the management have been invisible and silent throughout this catastrophe, but whatever part of me is not a cynic is of the firm opinion that it is better for it to exist than for it to not exist.

And hey - they know! They know!

Progress - of a sort.

Feel free to comment, suggest, enthuse, rant, rail, curse, or whatever.

Update: In comments Susan Sunflower points out that the notice is not dated, either. Which might not be a bad sign, but is certainly not a good one.


  1. "... I am somewhat pleased that it actually exists ..."

    It is a start. Too little, too late; and I am not surprised at that.

    We will see if they ever really address all the issues.

  2. Possible bad sign: It's not dated. It could be serviceable for months.

  3. Horse shit. What kind of IT team doesn't test its changes off-line before going live? Why does "the team" still have employment at salon? Supposedly a professional, for-profit website and they can't figure out how to clean up the mess they made themselves. Seems to me the easiest thing would be to return to the old system until they can re-do this one (off-line) - oh, no, wait, you didn't have to PAY to comment on the old system, or give up your google/facebook passwords.
    I suspect they like it this way and figure people will just adapt. Kind of like how we all line up at the airports for our pat-downs and x-rays and meekly hand over our cell phones to the cops when they demand it.

  4. Here’s the link to Glenn Greenwald's article of Thursday, 10/13/11 for all those who can’t or currently don’t wish to comment at Salon:

    “The LA Times notices the “double standard” on Iran”

    and tiny-fied:

  5. But nothing about letters archives? Has that subject been addressed at all in any form?

  6. No more updates from Glenn at this point.

  7. Glenn, are you out there? Any encouraging word?


    I miss UT.

  8. Agree with teri49.

  9. found this blog while looking for milton wiltmellow... just wanted to say, i'm addicted to salon, but only for the snotty readers' comments; crackpots,mensches, crazies, trolls and well-wishers, i loved reading them all, and I was seriously sad when they were unviewable by mobile (my only access at the time)...of course Salon was doing me a favor, as i certainly had more important things i needed to be doing at the time than reading all you folks' logorrheal excretia, but still...where's milton, I really liked his excretions?..