Thursday, 29 December 2011

Merry Feast of the Pig!

Well, I've just been reading a fascinating account of a truly moronic example of "How to Lose your Customer in One Easy Lesson" ... an email exchange between a game controller supplier and a customer who pre-ordered in time for Christmas.

You can read it for yourself, here.

The parallels to SalonFugly will be immediately obvious to any reader, but just for fun I'll list them:

  1. Overblown promises made in epic terms
  2. Failure to deliver on said overblown promises
  3. Complete silence from management over said failure to deliver

I guess Salon Core Members should feel grateful we haven't been directly threatened yet ... but then, there was that new clause inserted in our membership agreement, the "We Can Kill You Any Time, For Any Reason, or For No Reason" clause.

Yeah, I guess that's Parallel Number Four.

Oh, and of course, tonight, Salon's comments are down ... again.

Looks a lot like new work being done in the background, but no, dont bother to warn your customers beforehand not to waste too much time trying, or explain afterwards.

Silence is working so well for you; keep it up.

Put down the weapons, and get Zen with some Martin Page:


  1. Well ScuzzaMan, good to see another post here. I will only say that could use your advice on how to institute a "preview" function. You have one. How much did it cost you?


  2. Who could have guessed they would make it even worse? And yet, as of yesterday, they have.

    Nice job, salon. Ya miss me?