Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A Brief Rant Triggered by the phrase "Normally Sincere People"

I guess I have a problem with "normally sincere people".
We had this politician in New Zealand, became Prime Minister, now works for the UN I think (reward for services rendered, etc, one supposes) ... the smartest politician we've ever produced, IMHO. She lectured on politics at Auckland University for years before she became a politician. She's an absolute genius.

But still she advocated, in her role as leader of the Labour Party, for policies she damn well knows do not produce the effects she claims to want. Claims to be determined to achieve.

Now, for a lot of the feelgood advocates of such policies, I can forgive a degree of naivete and wish-fulfillment fantasizing, because we're all stuck in that same quagmire to (possibly) varying degrees, and none of us can see ourselves clearly enough to be dogmatic about how much, or how much relative to anyone else.

But I cannot so glibly excuse people who have no excuse for not knowing. if the most experienced, intelligent, and educated politician we have, cannot be challenged on her ideological commitment to policies that dont work, because "normally sincere", then nobody can. Everybody gets a free pass to paper over their intellectual self-contradictions with claims of sincerity.

And I cannot abide that.

I cannot tolerate people who think that the strength of their personal feelings is sufficient warrant to impose their will on everyone else, by force if necessary.

My fucking sister - a nurse, midwife, and lactation consultant, a fucking pacifist, a wonderfully kind, generous, incredibly intelligent, well educated and sincere person - is running around advocating for a no-fly zone over Syria, "because Aylan". Because the Syrian government is "killing their own people!" 

No fucking clue that the no-fly zones over Iraq and Libya only achieved eventual total destruction of those countries (which was always the aim, but it has to be introduced with humanitarian claims, exactly as above, even as the people introducing them KNOW full well they do not produce the claimed desired effects!). 

No fucking clue that the complete destruction of Syria IS the aim. That a million more Aylans is the necessary and unavoidable consequence of that aim, and of the nominated method. 

No fucking clue that we said that Saddam was gassing his own people, throwing babies out of incubators, that Gadaffi was "killing his own people!" and we have to go to war to save them. 

Just no fucking clue.

Not because any of this is secret. No, just "normally sincere" people whose ACTUAL interest is not to help anyone, not to make a difference in the world in actually PREVENTING another murderous war crime against an entire country .. no, just a sincere determination to feel fucking good about themselves for signing an online petition and joining a fucking Twitter outrage fest.

No fucking clue because they don't want uncomfortable truths. They prefer comforting fantasies, like the murderously risible notion that we could save Vietnam by bombing it to rubble then bombing the fucking rubble.

The equally murderously risible notion that we could save Vietnam by making Laos the most intensively bombed nation in history. (Laos! for fuck's sake!)

That we could save Iraqis by destroying their entire nation.

That we could save Afghanis by destroying their entire nation.

That we could save Libyans by destroying their entire nation.

That we can save Yemenis by bombing their own strip of rubble. Again. 

That we can save Syria by fucking it so completely it will be a thousand years before another civilisation will arise there.

Fuck the normally sincere people, the feckless useless wastrel fuckheads. The people with the most glorious opportunities anyone on the planet has ever had, and THAT's the best they can do? 

Fuck them. 

Fuck them all.

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